Ward Forum Grants

Do you have a new, or existing, project and require additional funds? There are grants available to Community groups and projects.

Groups that apply must have a constitution with a dissolution clause , a bank account in the name of the group with more than one signatory and a Safeguarding policy for children and/or vulnerable adults depending on what is relevant for the group activity – the safeguarding policy is essential for all groups applying.

Applications can be for up to £500 and must be for the benefit of the ward to which you are applying.

Applicants can apply for a maximum of £500 in any given financial year – they can apply to different ward forum grant areas for additional grants but not if the total sum exceeds the £500 maximum.

Applicants who have been successful in previous years must have completed the monitoring process before applying for a further grant. For more details

For more information, or to make an application, contact:



Jae Campbell

Email: jae.campbell@calderdale.gov.uk



Daisy Wilde

Email: daisy.wilde@calderdale.gov.uk


Calderdale Council is registered with the information Commissioners Office (ICO) under the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998. The Council takes its responsibilities under the Act very seriously.

The information provided by you is collected purely for the purposes of assessing your application for a Community Services grant as you have requested. We need to collect this information in order to maintain accurate records of your organisation’s name and contact details. Completion of this form/sharing your information with us constitutes explicit consent from you for us to process your data for this purpose

You may withdraw this consent at any time by writing to Steve Martin, 2nd Floor, Westgate House, Halifax HX1 1PS. In addition, you have the right to see what information is held about you, to have inaccurate information corrected, to have information removed from our system unless we are required by law or a statutory purpose to keep it, and the right to complain to the Data Protection Officer if you feel that your data has not been handled in accordance with the law.

The Council’s Data Protection Officer is Tracie Robinson and can be contacted at

Your name, contact details and eligibility are recorded electronically on our system to maintain up to date records. This information will be kept for a maximum of six years or until such time as the data is reviewed by us or removed at your request.